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Cyclematic Eco + : performance, environmental quality and cost control


Cyclematic eco + is a unique automated process combining chemistry and mechanics that offers high quality cleaning results and with no manual treatment.

Our screen cleaning units is flexible and adaptable to every needs and inks and stencils.


The use of Cyclematic Eco + can significantly reduce the environmental impacts associated with screens cleaning process:

  • no VOC emissions
  • the low level of COD in waste water
  • product recycling
  • water recycling


The automated screen cleaning process and the cleaning results obtained allows:

  • to save time
  • to reduce water and chemicals consumptions
  • to improve productivity


Customized Services for a peace of mind.

  • Technical services (on site / hotline)
  • Guaranteed consumptions
  • Guaranteed cleaning results
  • Extended warranties
  • Environmental watch

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